Fundamental Rights, Gender, Inequalities


Categorie: , ISBN: 978-88-7554-189-7.


The present volume, enclose paths that have developed on decisive topics of the current theoretical-socio-political debate. Specifically, the reflections related to the multicultural society and to the articulation of the multiple configurations of discrimination, to the nuances of the conceptions of equality and difference, of integration and difference, of violence, autonomy and empowerment, are grafted in the concrete spaces of social and institutional life. The fundamental questions that move the analyses of the various essays that make up this volume, address all these issues from a specific starting point, i.e., the fundamental human rights. A vision that has in fact been present since the first part of the volume, dedicated to the issue of new rights. Examining rights means examining them in their entirety, focusing on their development and degree of effectiveness, that is, inevitably, on the “justice” system.


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