Cultural Changes, Communication, Knowledge


Categoria: ISBN: 978-88-7554-190-3.


In last two centuries, societies have been more and more complex, both in the relations and in the processes, with a different gradualism according to geographical areas and social-cultural contexts. Processes of secularization, rationalization and, finally, individualization, have produced cultural transforma¬tions that reverberates in the social representations, in the beliefs through which individuals interpret the territories where they live and in the values thanks to which they orient themselves. These transformations of ways of life lead to a sort of “decline of daily life”, understood as a measure of human wellbeing, which over-comes the economic parameters and includes elements related to the ability of individuals to carry out an activity, to the cultural identity and sociality, as well as aspects related to living environment. The present volume analyses the role of collective intelligence, communication and knowledge (including educational process) as an element of production of cultural and identity transformations.


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