Territorial Observation


Categoria: ISBN: 978-88-7554-191-0.


Participative Territorial Governance, Planning of Social-ecological Innovation

The territorial observation allows to overcome the production of indicators and enables the actors of a territory to be really involved in determining its needs, in the actuation of concrete shared initiatives and in their evaluation. In this context, it is necessary: a) to develop best practices for the use of tools of observation, in order to evaluate the general impact on social and supportive economy and on the improvement of the collective life; b) to support – through territorial governan¬ce – the evolution of individual and social behaviours, boosting the innovation in the context of social-ecological programmes of transition, suitable for the specifi¬city of each territory. Then general goal of this volume is to rethinking the role of human activity in society, connecting the individual responsibility to the concerted activities of cooperation.


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